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man stacking stonesAre you looking to create a more productive work environment? Every office manager is certainly looking for ways to shake things up and create a better atmosphere that leads to higher rates of production and more enjoyment in the work place. However, shaking things up without a definite plan can do far more harm that good. Understanding what needs to take place is part of an effective innovate performance management system that keeps production and job satisfaction up without creating a big mess.

There are many simple, inexpensive innovative ideas for the office to help create more productivity and a happier work environment. Here are just a few to get you starting so you can employ these innovative performance management programs to create a better work environment.

You don’t have to hire painters or furniture movers to create a more interesting work space. After all, have you ever been to government offices and seen how dull and boring their environment is? You certainly don’t want that to be your work place so the first step is letting your employees do the redecorating for you.

While we don’t want desks to get cluttered up with items that don’t relate to work, allowing for your employees to have a picture of their family, famous celebrities and the like. This makes the office more relaxed and fun while not costing you a dime in terms of spending any money to spruce things up.

Plus, you can take into account the holidays and have your employees bring an item to help celebrate the different holidays and occasions that occur during the year. From New Years’ Day to New Years’ Eve, there is at least one holiday or occasion each month that you can decorate the office.

After all, we are creatures of habit and seeing the same d?cor day after day can be a drain to the senses. Livening things up a bit with different decorations can help to shake things up in a positive manner.

Festival Day
Pick one day each month to have a small party or event. It can be a simple, short and fun event such as having everyone learn a new dance, engage in sing along, having lunch in the office with food your employees brings or whatever your heart desires.

You can make it a workshop so that everyone has a chance to participate and it can last just a few minutes if need be. Adding this much needed day to every month gives your employees something to look forward to and helps them to relax more around the office.

Humor Board
Put up a small white board and write a joke of the day. This is a great way to liven things up around the office and your employees can contribute their own jokes as well. Keep the really funny ones that an employee offers for a couple of days, but you can start with a joke book and put one up each day to keep things light.

These are just a few ideas you can use for innovated ideas around the office, be sure to include your employees in on the decision-making process so that they are involved.

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  1. These tips are good, but to really crank up productivity, I recommend gamification. On that same group whiteboard, you could have each team member write down his or her goal for the day, a deadline for that goal, and a reward if it happens. Creating cross-departmental “leaderboards” using these goals and deadlines fosters a little healthy competition and cultivates respect for each other’s work responsibilities.

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