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Industrial workerIn this day and age of high unemployment following the economic downturn, the market is constantly seeing an ever increasing number of job applicants signing up into recruitment agencies. This has meant a workload has been heaped upon the human resource recruitment team. Business development and management sectors need to engage further with their recruiting team, as doing so will motivate a HR environment with positive results.

So, what kind of human resource management innovation are we talking about? Getting to know your team does not mean deciding who is good at one task and bad at another, or who gets in late or early, but finding out what motivates them outside of the office. Found out what hobbies your staff has, which teams they follow in sport, the names of their pets and habits and get to know their favorite music. This is a key factor in how to motivate teams from any department.

Getting this connection will motivate your staff to produce positive and enlightening results. HR staff invariably will need to discuss with employees some very personal matters like why Mr. J has been suffering depression and affecting his work in the warehouse or why Mrs. P keeps missing Friday afternoons in the accounts department because her children are playing truant from school.

Getting to know your staff does not need to go to any great level of personal information. Just simply a few hobbies, likes, dislike and favorite television shows. It helps to relax the employer in your HR department and prepares your staff to deliver more progressive results.

The human resource department will invariably go through a series of new technologies and recruiting strategies. The order most likely would come from higher management and it will be the role of the HR management to show innovation and keep staff challenged. Keeping staff challenged does not mean overburdening them with extra work but to offer them new challenges every now and again. This displays a high level of human resource management innovation.

One of the best methods for this is to keep staff learning and developing all the time by swapping roles within the HR section. Allow any member of staff to get too comfy doing one specific role promotes intransigence in those staff members’ development techniques.

Human resource management innovation is something that needs to rear its head every so often. Every two months HR team managers should introduce a new strategy to keep employers learning all the time rather than just working through a nine to five day. If you want to know more about how to motivate teams then you would do well to begin with these procedures.

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