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multiple home symbols made with human handsIn businesses, motivation and innovation go hand in hand, and of course, one leads to another. In the dynamic world of business which has become more competitive than ever before with the globalization, both modernization and motivation are important determinants of success. A motivated workforce can be the biggest asset for any company. In the current scenario, especially when companies are finding it hard to survive in the fierce competition, a motivated workforce can be the biggest and most sustainable competitive advantage that a company can possess.

The workforce today is much more knowledgeable and aware of their rights and worth. It is no longer possible to keep them motivated with salary hikes or performance incentives. Employees are well aware of how important they are to the organization and how sought after they are in the market. In order to keep this new breed of workforce motivated, companies have to resort to innovative ideas. Going by the Maslow’s theory, the workforce today has moved up the pyramid and requires more than the “basic and essential” things to be motivated.

The most innovative approach to motivate employees is to encourage innovation and creativity in organizations. By encouraging employees to come up with innovative ideas for the betterment of the organization, companies can make them feel important and valued. It motivates workforce to think creatively in order to come up with ideas pertaining to new product development, new ways to market the product and creative ways to run the organization in a way that increases productivity and profits. This is not only beneficial to the organizations, but also has a favorable impact on the motivation of the employees.

There are many companies around the globe that have realized the importance of innovation and creativity in organizations and have created a work culture that encourages creativity, but not all of these companies succeed in attaining favorable results. The reason for this is simple; although new ideas are encouraged, they are never been implemented in these organizations. The thing that motivates an employee the most is to see their ideas being implemented and put to practice. Motivation and creativity are not mere buzzwords; they are potent tools that can help your company sail through a tough business environment. There are many other innovative ways to motivate employees like training, rewards and appreciation. Without a doubt, one company that always comes to mind while talking of motivation and innovation is Google, which has used both these concepts effectively to scale heights of success.

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