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frustrated womanNo matter the size of your company your human resources department has to do more with less these days. That’s why coming up with HR innovative ideas can save an organizational time, money, and headaches. Whether your company has growing pains, or is in the process of contracting, innovative ideas for organizational innovation strategy could be the solution.

Research – Ask employees how to make them happy while maintaining a profit.
Salary isn’t the only way to please an employee. Sometimes an initiated improvement to the workplace at large by HR will make employees happier. And happier employees make productive employees who don’t go on strike. I’ll give you a less extreme example: I have worked at several businesses that have used old semi-broken chairs for its employees. Well, I have a bad back and sitting in a tilted computer chair not only infuriates me it makes me have to take more breaks stretching on company time. A $100 computer chair for each employee will be made up within 6-12 months of increased productivity and happiness easily. And with many management companies there’s often a lot of employee time spent sitting in a computer chair.

Innovative strategies aren’t necessarily going to cost employers anything anyway. Just giving employees some positive recognition will go a long way. Creating loyalty and team spirit where people get along and work together is about making employees feel appreciated. So when you’re trying to develop your business think about what sort of positive behaviors you want to reinforce. Then, just do it.

Organizational innovation leads to efficiency.
When it comes to managing labor, think of it as a design project. It’s all about efficiency and human resources can take the charge to find the metrics worth improving to reduce waste. Hospitals have been testing redesigned buildings that have reduced the number of steps a nurse has to take in a day to treat patients for the sake of efficiency. Not only does it make the job on nurses easier (making these overworked heroes happier) but it could save upwards of 30-minutes a day for each employee to do more work. This supply chain concept can be applied to any company design really. Mailmen take specifically crafted routes to reduce gas miles and time. Manufacturers make work stations that build the product in order while considering time constraints of the previous steps involved.

Creativity leads to change.
Employees have learned to keep their mouths shut, be “yes men,” and just do what they are told. The problem with this is often the best ideas come from the ground up, not the top down. HR innovative ideas is about finding creativity. To do this, HR should be focused on fostering an environment of creativity for the company. Make that suggestion box fill up by creating contests. Tell employees executives in the company are here to listen to them. And then actually listen! Product innovation, best practices, team improvements can all come from fostering this sort of environment.

Once you’ve generated ideas, assess how to implement them. Take creativity to the next innovative level!

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