Nov 242010

Person with no faceAll the great inventions of humanity, all that exist today that people created and made possible will at one point become obsolete and will be replaced by newer and quality improved products and services.

We replace physical things – old equipment, old software, old manuals, old procedures in the same way as we replace our old beliefs, old habits, and old way of doing things – our old way of being.

The way to higher self is burning and painful but challenging and rewarding at the same time. We have a tendency to trade-off and throw away, to destroy and unlearn our inefficiencies, inadequacies, failures for something of a higher value, newer and more effective. Our desire in other words is something that will serve and inspire us on the way to excellence; something that will increase our competitiveness and bring the highest return on investment. We should abandon everything else that does not produce results.

Similarly, as live ever-changing units, businesses are influenced and determined by markets in which they run, demands they intend to satisfy and serve, supplies and inputs they consume and passionate people who make them successful and grow.

The law of incremental improvement is telling us that in order to be competitive in years to come, we have to reexamine, redefine, improve and reinvent our business models, our people, and our practices on a regular and continuous basis. Unfortunately, this alone will be insufficient in days to come. The entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners, and managers will face tough reality and immerse pressure while attempting to drive their units and do numbers they set for themselves.

Things will get even harder with the innovations, outsourcing, new competitors, and changes in demands, market fluctuations and reactions. Shifts in customers’ experiences, preferences and market demands will be impossible to satisfy by simply following the pack. Shifts will happen overnight and only the most prepared will be able to absorb it. Only those brave enough to stretch beyond their comfort zone will prevail.

Is there a solution?
A business can be changed as a whole on every level of its existence. The power of small wins that work as catalysts of change and then grow in numbers and intensity can make a huge impact on every organization. Process of reinvention today is organization wide process. Key personnel in every modern and competitive organization make constant improvements to practices and expect at the same time where and when market shifts are likely to happen, what impact will that have on the overall operations, and what will our business look if this happens.

They have to predict the future and there is no better way than to create the Exclusive one that fits perfectly into our goals, strategies, and models. Create your own future, perfect in all means according to your own measures. No matter how futuristic, innovative and unacceptable it might be today.

Questions for you as leaders of tomorrow

  1. What are you doing today to put you and your business in the front seat once the opportunity arises? What strategies you anticipate to be clear winners in the future?
  2. How your products and services, facing the reality of being obsolete, stick to your goals & objectives? What are you doing to improve them or reinvent them?
  3. At what level is your game today? Are you playing it and dream big enough?
  4. Are you merely improving your business & operations or thinking and bringing into existence radical changes that will change both, the game you play and the field where you play, forever?

Predict, plan, design and create your future carefully. You will have the bright one if you do or you will not have one at all!

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