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woman with motherCreating clarity in times of chaos is tough. Sometimes we can learn much by reflecting on real life examples of people we know and respect. Each of us has personal heroes which may be perfect role models…. maybe it’s our parents, professors, friends, or somebody that performs outstanding volunteer work in the society that had made impact in the development and success in life.

Being a role model is often hard to define… because it might be different to everyone. Typically, a role model is brave, smart, thoughtful, and kind… they are those who are working to improve himself or herself… someone who is trying to stop violence and make peace through the process of negotiation.

Following are 5 techniques to help you create clarity by learning lessons from your heroes, as follows:

1. Create your own personal list of heroes… because it is an option to easily comprehend and identify from those list who to follow. The role models in your list depend as much on you… the person you admire. Often, it may be someone you would like to be or someone whom you find very diligent on his/her works. Try sorting out your list and choose among those listed the best.

2. Assess how they lived honestly… reviewing the background of those icons in your list may help you distinguished who to follow… you might get something valuable from them. Honesty is the fore factor of trust… if you find yourself honest in what you say and do… trust follows.

3. Determine their respect toward others… respect is something that we expect… it acknowledges that someone has value. Respect can be done in different approach… it could be making eye to eye contact when speaking to others… but, do not be day dreaming… Be fair towards the other person and be sensitive to their thoughts and feelings.

4. Examine your heroes’ curiosity… because as a leader you must be curious enough to learn something new every now and then… for the improvement of the organization. If you are a leader who aims for the success of the organization… be curious.

5. Reflect on your heroes’ courage and what moments did they live their courage… learning from the experience of others may broaden your capacity to lead a team or an organization… it requires your courage. As a leader, courage is important… learning on how your role model face unwanted situations may help you find alternative solutions when problems come.

If you are facing a tough time sorting through the noise and are searching for clarity, try again these tips reflecting on your personal heroes… someday, it could be you listed by others as their role model.

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Jodi and Mike specialize in executive coaching with individuals and teams. By the way, do you want to learn more about leadership in your company? If so, download your FREE ebook here: Guide to Elegant Courage Leadership.

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