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girl wearing creative makeupMany of us find ourselves on the verge of exploding with ideas and thoughts that can launch us unto an entrepreneurship path. At times, these ideas may seem like an intrusion that seems to push us beyond the boundaries of our routine lives. To maximize the creative energy behind those entrepreneurial thoughts, you need to embrace the chaos that comes with it. When you allow yourself to do that, you will be able to tap into your existing thought patterns and dig deep deeper to uncover what lies underneath the surface.

Embrace the Dream
First you need to put yourself in a mental space to embrace all of your ideas. It may seem odd that you have all these random thoughts; some of them may not even make any sense. But that’s OK! The reason your mind is doing all of this sourcing is because somewhere deep within your subconscious has recognized that there is something missing. To find out what that may be and how these random ideas can fill in the gap, you must first acknowledge to yourself that something is amiss in your existing reality.

You embrace the dream, by allowing all of these ideas to wash over you. Imagine yourself laid out at the beach, with high tidal waves washing over you. You are in complete surrender and at the mercy of the waves and how they might force you to reposition or possibly move your body along the shores. In this surrender, there is a practical discipline associated with it. You will either select specific times to do this, or take the time out from your schedule when these ideas arise. This sort of discipline will help you compartmentalize the dream and your existing reality. Confounding the two can create conflicts that will make it harder to pursue the dream.

Embrace Chaotic Thinking
All of your ideas may not fit neatly together. It may seem that you have tangential ideas that may not even be possible. Again, that’s Ok. Write down everything that comes to your mind. The goal is to embrace all possibilities whatever they may be. Going back to the beach scenario, as you are laid out and the waves wash over you, you will feel that some waves are strong, weak, long or short. Overall, they will evoke different emotions and awake your senses differently. Nonetheless, they are creating a holistic experience. That is what you’re embracing, the entirety of the experience.

When you embrace the chaotic thinking, you are setting up the pace to assemble all of the pieces to the puzzled path of entrepreneurship. It may be that some of the pieces will not fit together from the very beginning. As you take the time to give due consideration to each possibility, you will find the pre-destined order to these thought pattern and that will allow you unlock the key to the entrepreneur within.

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Catherine is the founder and owner of Delcin Consulting Group, a Business Consulting firm that provides comprehensive services to Startup Companies, Existing Businesses, and Non-Profit Organizations. The collaborative effort of the firm generates business solutions and long-term support to facilitate and ensure the successful pursuit of entrepreneurship.

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  1. Excellent post. rnrnI’d argue that even if one isn’t an entrepreneur, these ideals should still be practiced by everyone on the front or back end of innovation.

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