Sep 182013
5 Tips for Creating an Innovation Culture

Innovation is the key to positioning your business for the future. Therefore, it is important to focus your energies on creating an innovation culture. Most companies don’t spend nearly enough time or resources on creating a culture of innovation. However, if you want to move your company forwards and position it for success in the future, you will need a bit of innovation motivation. Here Read More »

Aug 052013
The Role Of The Business Storyteller

A major role of senior management is to motivate people to reach certain goals. To do that, they must engage their emotions, and the key to their hearts is story. There are two major ways to persuade people. The first is by using conventional rhetoric, which is what most executives are trained in. It’s an intellectual process, and in the business world it usually consists Read More »

Jul 312013
Innovation - A Human Race

I often get asked about the pace of innovation in different countries or their ability to innovate. Many such questions come from people whose awareness of global issues is sadly lacking and who represent so called developed countries. The answer I give to them is the same as the one I give to those in less developed countries who are seeking inspiration and motivation for Read More »

Jun 192013
Innovation and Culture: Necessity isn't the Mother of Invention - Culture is!

Necessity once was thought to be the mother of invention. Why? Because it makes us want to innovate – or actually, need to innovate. However, most of us are already motivated. As workers in the Age of Ideas, we love to innovate, right? What we need is an environment where innovation comes naturally, where there are no unnatural blocks to our urge to create. Organizationally Read More »

May 312013
Anti-Innovation: 10 Proven Ways Not to Innovate

Success in business is a wonderful thing. But it’s also a double-edged sword. As companies experience success, their emphasis tends to shift to protecting and maintaining the status quo versus considering new opportunities and products. Unfortunately, clinging to what has worked in the past puts the brakes on innovation. It also puts you out of touch with your customers’ changing needs — a dangerous circumstance Read More »

May 152013
Who Can Motivate Your Employees for Innovation?

We very often require some new ideas or innovative approaches from our employees. We try to create a corporate culture targeted on the search and implementation of innovations or on improvements of something. The question of motivation comes again and again. Let’s try to look at how much this question is important during the search and implementation of innovations. From one point of view, it Read More »