Jul 222013
An Innovation Process Idea to Harness Disruptive Innovation

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is innovation. Businesses need to be focused on innovating within the industry. At the same time, they need to be prepared to adapt to new innovations coming from competing businesses within the industry. If a business fails to position itself for innovation, it can fall victim to disruptive innovation. Usually, when disruptive innovation occurs, a business will have Read More »

Jan 042012
The Benefits of Starting a Think Tank

The hardest part of building an innovative culture in an organization is getting it started. People aren’t sure what they should or can do. If you sit a team around a table and tell them to brainstorm for new ideas they will look around at each other expectantly or look down so they won’t be called on. But seldom will many ideas come from this Read More »

May 312011
How Do Think Tanks Create Innovative Thinking?

Imagine that you have been invited to join a group of people in a room with casual comfortable furniture and with the job of coming up with ideas to solve a problem creatively and with no pressure. Everyone will be listening to everyone else and looking for ways to enhance each others’ ideas and to piggy-back or combine ideas. The combination and diversity of backgrounds Read More »

May 172011
The Cart Before the Horse: When Not To Innovate

Innovation is hot. Everywhere is another book, publication, blog or daily tweet on the need to innovate, how to innovate, why to innovate and/or lessons learned from the great innovators. According to N-Gram Viewer, a Google innovation, 118,000 books were published mentioning innovation in 2008, nearly double the 65,000 published in 1988. Studies by Forbes, Ernst & Young, and The Wharton School of Business suggest Read More »