Aug 122013
The 5 Components to Making Your Business "Perfect"

Lately I have been teaching a uniquely green focused FastTrac(TM) Tech Venture program run by ITAC – New York City’s Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation and created by the Marion Ewing Kauffman Foundation, the world’s largest organization devoted to entrepreneurship. Our class is full of small start-up and early-stage businesses with state-of-the-art green technology business concepts. Super cool ideas ranging from solar panel manufacturers to Read More »

Jun 262013
Addressing the Challenge of Innovation Implementation

Innovation is vital either in an individual’s life, business, organization and community. All these three entities must grow and experience change by the way of adopting and implementing innovations. It is almost impossible to thrive in today’s environment where things are changing in a twinkling of an eye if you cannot embrace and seek a solution for the challenge of innovation implementation. The word has Read More »

Jun 172013
Living in Denial

If you are still working for an employer and think that becoming self-employed is something you really don’t need to need on your plate at the moment, then you’re living in denial. That’s what I said. You’re pretending that, despite the upheaval in the workplace it has nothing to do with you.

May 172013
We Desperately Need Non-Conformists! 5 Reasons You Should Be an Entrepreneur

National wealth is based on private enterprise. It is an incontrovertible fact. The basic building blocks of wealth and prosperity for all nations has been private enterprise. Without private enterprise there would be no money for governments to fund infrastructure, health or education, and without private enterprise unemployment throughout the world would be at sky high levels. Business is also vital for our standard of Read More »

May 132013
Reconnecting With Your Starting Point

To effectively plan for the growth of a business an entrepreneur has to zero in on the origination of the business. This is important is because you need to orient yourself to the preliminary stages of your business prior to putting yourself on a continued path of success. Think of it a retrospective look with an inclination towards the future. Some say: “the best way Read More »

May 082013
Startup Storytelling - Create a Business Worth Talking About, and Tell Stories About Your Startup

This is one way to approach the whole of business startup, I think. In fact, it is one way of considering your value proposition. If your business is not worth talking about, then you should probably not start at all. But your business is worth talking about. Avoid second-hand stories, because yours must differentiate you. They have to be good stories and have a purposeful Read More »

May 062013
What Are 4 Differences Between Being Unemployed and Being an Entrepreneur?

Are you thinking about quitting your job? Want to start a new venture? Don’t know where to start? Many people think that quitting your job means that you become unemployed. This could not be further from the truth. The mindset involved in being an entrepreneur and being unemployed are substantially different. For starters, the entrepreneur has a growth mindset. She wants to succeed, sees the Read More »